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Buy online casinos with a set of popular gambling, slots of famous software manufacturers, which will allow you to start earning with minimal investment!

Buy online casino means to buy the System, site, ready design, Flash and HTML5 Games, Payment System.

Control via admin panel

Statistics of profits, players, and games

Games, payment system, already added to the platform

HTML5 games work on any mobile device

Exchanging bonuses for real money

Free installation and connection

No extra costs for the Pirate Offshore with its Licenses.

Planning and calculation system


How to buy a casino site and start your own business in the world of gambling

You need to leave a request in the form of AlotGames’ feedback or contact our manager in the online chat.

Agree on all details and choose the tariff plan that suits you.

Wait for the launch of online casinos on your server.

Start making money.

AlotGames provides turnkey business online casinos. You buy online casino software, which includes everything you need to start a gambling business and run it. Ready-made casino will be placed on a special server, have a basic set of games that is selected according to your tariff, your own website, where your customers will register and play.

Why is it more profitable to buy a ready-made casino?

Of course, no one and nothing can stop you from developing the casino script from scratch and running it. However, for most business people, this solution is too reckless. If you plan to create a casino yourself, you need to:

– to invest a lot of money in acquiring a business license;

– to spend a lot of time finding professional developers of the script you need;

– to be ready for the long term promotion of a newly created game resource;

– to develop an effective marketing strategy from scratch;

– to organize the work of the customer feedback service;

– invest in advertising to make your online casino brand popular in a gembler environment.

If you buy a ready-made business, the casino will start bringing you profit immediately, because it already has a name, promoted brand, support chat rooms and everything you need to successfully launch any project in the gambling world.

Practice shows that the promotion of online casinos from scratch requires significant investment – at least $ 15 thousand. And this is at a time when our company is ready to sell you ready-made online casino software for only 250-1000 dollars, depending on the package that you choose.

Buy a ready casino


Previous version

100$One time.
  • Flash Games: 204
  • HTML5 Games: 187
  • Affiliate Program: There are
  • PHP 7.X
  • Demo game: There are
  • Design: One for choice
  • Jackpot: Check.
  • Bonuses: Got it.
  • Mailing list: Yes.
  • Tournaments: Got
  • Payment system: Freekassa or piastrix can add your own payment system
  • Installation: There are
  • Support: None
  • Confirmation by mail: Yes
  • Domains: No restrictions, source code.

New version of the standard

250$One time .
  • HTML5 Games: 560
  • PHP 7.2
  • Design: One for choice
  • Jackpot: Check.
  • Bonuses: Got it.
  • Mailing list: Yes.
  • Payment system: coinpayments
  • Installation: There are
  • Domains: One domain, binding.

New version of the prestige

700$One time .
  • HTML5 Games: 560
  • PHP 7.2
  • Design: One for choice
  • Jackpot: Check.
  • Bonuses: Got it.
  • Mailing list: Yes.
  • Payment system: coinpayments
  • Installation: There are
  • Domains: Unlimited number of domains, without binding.

How to buy a casino site at AlotGames

Buying a ready-made business – a casino that will work for you – is profitable and easy. We provide our customers with the opportunity to buy a ready-made casino online. And this means that you do not have to be physically present in our office. You can buy online casino software from anywhere in the world!

In order for the purchase to be profitable for both you and us, it will be necessary:

  1. To think over the concept of your gambling establishment in advance. To make no mistake, try to analyze the current demand for certain gambling, the interests of gamblers in general. We can buy online casino software of any type: even the one in which to bet and top up your account can be done with bitcoins. By the way, this direction is very promising, because no country in the world does not regulate it.
  2. Choose from the proposed casino script that suits you best. We have a lot of interesting templates for future online gambling. You will surely find something that will attract the attention of your potential visitors.
  3. Decide on a set of games. It is very important that in the gaming market you can offer potential customers the games that attract them the most.
  4. Pick up input and output options.
  5. Think about how your online casino will have a technical support service. Prepare and train your staff, if necessary.

Online Casino Games Manufacturers

You can buy games, along with the platform to run online casinos. Or separately!